Big Steps, Bigger God.

And it begins.

I’ve always loved the story of Simon Peter walking on the water. It certainly wasn’t in his plans, but on that early morning, amidst that storm that was rocking the boat, He saw Jesus walking on the water and Simon Peter’s ADHD took over. “Lord if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water!” And Jesus simply responds, “Come.” I’m not convinced that Simon Peter really thought through his request. But when Jesus said, “Come”, he had a decision to make: choose the safety of where he was, or risk missing the greater miracle of where Jesus was calling him to go.

Peter chose the crazy. He stepped into the “uncertainty” trusting that if Jesus called him to it, Jesus would see him through it. Was it messy? You bet. Life oftentimes gets that way when we take our eyes of the Lord. But was Jesus there to catch him in his moment of need? Absolutely.

True then, just as true today.

That’s been my life and ministry story for twenty-five years now. My title may have changed, but the call, the promises and faithfulness of the Lord, and the assurance of Jesus’ voice to stand beside us in all seasons has not and will never change.

This morning, as a staff, we gathered in Robb Chapel and prayed for and alongside one another. I can confidently say that, thus far, it has been one of my favorite moments as Senior Pastor (granted, I am ten hours into the new role 🙂

Here’s to more “stepping out of the boat” moments for us all and seeing what God has in store.

To Him be the glory!

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