One of the earliest verses I committed to memory was the Great Commission found in Matthew’s gospel, 28:19-20.

Jesus’ command to His disciples was one of movement and carrying the good news into the nations. As disciples of Christ, we’re called to take this life changing, heart transforming message into the world.

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  • Lauren Munn

    Dear Pastor Sorenson,

    In a few weeks you will baptize my precious granddaughter, Annie Hope Munn. This has been a journey for all of us, especially the parents, Jimmy and Kim Munn. I was Kim’s caretaker living at the medical center for five months while my son worked, her parents took care of the other two children, and Annie grew after her operation.

    What I wanted to share with you was something that happened at least twice a week every week for five months. You taught my family so much and so before we went to the hospital twice a week to have the ultrasound, the fetal monitoring done and the clinical visits with the many doctors, we would pray. Sometimes we would find a verse in the Bible but most of the time it was from our hearts.

    Every time, I repeat, every time, right before the ultrasound technician put the image on the screen, in this dark room God’s presence could be felt. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit but the presence of God was so real almost enough to reach out and touch him. I tell you this today because this baby was 6 inches long before the surgery and every ultrasound we got to feel God’s miraculous work on this baby. She grew to be 8 pounds and 3 ounces just shy of 41 weeks. But more than growth, we were praying for limbs to move and for her to be “normal if there is ever such a thing”. So we were begging and asking God for his grace and mercy and to grow this baby. He never disappointed us and to this day we are humbled by his love for Annie Hope. I call her God’s baby because we could feel his love for her every time the ultrasound was about to come up on screen. And today we hold onto his love and his grace because we know how he gave the incredible Texas Children’s staff wisdom and he was at the helm, every step of the way. Still a journey ahead of this incredible, miraculous baby, God is so great and so loving! Without you as our pastor, I am not sure we would have recognized these signs of God’s greatness and his miracles. God Bless You and Thank You, Lauren Munn

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