The Captain’s Face

There’s a story attributed to author and poet Robert Louis Stevenson who was traveling once on a ship that found itself in a severe storm and in imminent danger of sinking. According to Stevenson, many of the passengers began to whisper to one another, “Are we going down? Are we safe?” After a few moments of conversation among the passengers, one brave soul volunteered to travel up to the pilothouse and see the captain. As the passenger made his way through the rain and wind and stepped in to see the captain, it’s said that the pilot have the ship had his hands firmly on the wheel. He turned and saw the fear in the passenger’s face and just smiled at him, not saying a word. That was all that passenger needed to see. As he traveled back down to the main cabin, the once fearful passenger exclaimed, “We’re going to be all right. I’ve seen the face of the captain and, good news: he smiled at me.”

I loved that story. Especially within the context of our second name of Jesus found in Isaiah 9:6, “Mighty God”.

That’s El Gibbor. We worship a God who is as MIGHTY in the storms of life as He is in the valleys when all is peaceful and calm. Looking for a reminder from the Word today? Take a look at Mark 4:35-41

Sunday, let’s light the third candle of Advent and look at the name, “Everlasting Father” from Isaiah 9:6. It’s going to be a beautiful morning of worship and I can’t wait to see you all there!

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