Vantage Point

A friend was telling me recently about a trip he once made to see Niagara Falls, and an observation he made on that trip several years back really struck me. He said that his first glimpse of the falls occurred when he first arrived to his hotel and, looking out, he was amazed at its size and the sound of its power.

Later that day, he went down into a park that was closer to the falls. From that vantage point, he said, “not only could we see the water going over the side, but we could hear the thundering sound of it hitting the basin below!” However, what made the trip worthwhile, was his family’s experience on the Maid of the Mist. It’s a boat ride you can take at the bottom of the falls that gives you an up-close and water-soaked perspective from below the falls.

As I listened to his experience, I had the thought that each observation he had about Niagara Falls was all based on the same body of water; however, the impact of the falls was based on the proximity he had in relationship to the falls. Where he was in proximity to the falls impacted the experience he brought back.

I wonder if the same can be said of the relationship we have with Jesus.

How much of Jesus we experience in our daily lives, I believe, is determined by how close we choose to be with Him.

Last week, I loved that message given by our Bishop in Residence, Bob Hayes. It was such a powerful word relating to a life that’s lived in close proximity to the Lord and how blessings follow.

This Sunday, we have one last message lined up in our Generations series. Joining me on stage during the sermon time will be someone who’s not a stranger to our Harvest worship family: Rev. Mark Swayze. Mark led worship in Harvest for many years, but last year, stepped out and stepped in to become our youth pastor at The Woodlands UMC. I’ll interview Mark on what he’s learning from our young people in the church, and we’ll dig a little deeper into what the Psalmist meant when he said, “One generation commends your works to the next, and they shall declare your mighty acts.”

It’s going to be a good one on Sunday! I hope you’ll join us!

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